Hello, we are unity.

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Unity is a strategic design and branding agency. We create impactful brand experiences that attract and retain customers and employees — leading businesses and organizations to success.

Our expertise is within the following:

Brand strategy

Brand identity

Brand implementation

Brand activation

brand strategy, brand identity

Make the most of your brand

Your brand is your aspiration and promise to customers, employees, and partners. It is the determining point for why they should do business with you. Our design and branding experts help you make your brand stand out as authentic, transparent, and attractive as possible.

Get a 360º brand check

Our 360º brand check package takes the temperature of your brand. As a part of the package, you will get a report and input for a business case on optimizing your brand’s performance. Contact us for more information.

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brand implementation

Focus on the users

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We live in a world where the distance between our desires and their fulfillment is shorter daily. A good user experience with an engaging and smooth customer journey is vital to retaining your audience. Together with you, we put the user experience first in our brand implementation process.

Day-to-day design assistance

We are the branding agency standing by your side when you need to deliver. We help you with the company banner for LinkedIn, the email signature, the PowerPoint presentation, and more. Contact us for more information.

brand activation

Be relevant at all times

Customers are looking for meaningfulness. When your brand resonates with your customers across multiple touchpoints, you create coherent and meaningful brand experiences. We know how to make brand activation that is relevant to your customers.

Brand activation workshop

You have a strong brand but want to engage more with your audience. We facilitate workshops on brand activation, helping you formulate action points for your brand activation strategy. Contact us for more information.

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