Hovedstadens Beredskab

Emergency alert app
Hovedstadens Beredskab (HBR) approached Unity to help establish a digital learning platform for public institutions, larger organizations, and businesses. The platform is an essential tool for emergency preparedness, providing all the necessary information for these institutions to establish their emergency plans. We were excited about the urgency of the project’s usability aspect – a crucial tool for public safety.

The project started with a discovery phase where we worked closely with HBR to understand the requirements and challenges to be addressed. Unity also comprehensively analyzed the target group’s needs, goals, and behaviors.

Emergency platform, Login page
Customer journey visualised

As a part of the discovery phase, Unity presented a customer journey to HBR’s management, detailing the steps users would take to use the platform. The customer journey allowed HBR’s management to visualize how the platform would work and gave them valuable insights into the user experience.

The next step was to design the UX and structure of the platform. Unity worked tirelessly to ensure the platform was easy to navigate and provided users with the information they needed to establish their emergency preparedness plans. The team conducted several rounds of user testing and incorporated feedback into the design.

Finally, Unity delivered the design and visual identity for the platform. The design is clean and modern, emphasizing simplicity and ease of use. The visual identity is crafted to align with HBR’s brand and values. 

Emergency platform, Front page
Emergency alert app, login screen
Emergency alert app, action cards
Emergency alert app, action card
Emergency alert app, notifications

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