Business areas and services.

flsmidth, 360º brand revitalization

Unity offers expertise that builds bold and authentic brands focussing on usability and relevance to your audience. We approach branding as a 360º discipline to do it the best way, and our broad range of services reflects this.


Our way of working

Our way of working is centered around four business areas: Brand strategy, Brand identity, Brand implementation, and Brand activation.

The four business areas are a logically interconnected whole: When we design a brand identity, we do so based on a brand strategy.

When we design a brand identity, then it is to implement it. And once we have implemented it, we activate it.

Branding is about positively influencing how your audience should think about you, your product, or your organization.

It is to create awareness about your product or organization’s advantages and have them stand out as something of value.

A 360º branding approach

We look at branding as an ecosystem of interacting elements. Because we think that this is the way your audience experiences your brand. From a 360º perspective.

To know more about how your audience experiences your brand, be professionally curious:

– How do they feel when they interact with your product or organization?

– What will they say to others about your product or organization?

For us, professional curiosity is a good starting point for knowing how to make your brand relevant and valuable to your customers.


This is what we do


This is how we do it

1 – scope

The scoping of the project secures that we get a complete overview of all the questions the project needs to answer. We focus on your and your audiences’ needs within these three areas:

  • Market and target group
  • Usability and design
  • Technical demands

The scoping phase combines workshops, meetings, customer interviews, research, and analysis. The outcome is summarised in a report and is the foundation for the subsequent phases of the project.

2 – conceptualize

The conceptualize phase gives direction, look and shape to the project.

In this phase, the findings from the scoping phase are tested and presented, where we record your or your customers’ feedback and use it for further adjustment of the concept.

Usually, we present two-to-three concept directions, which we often visualize on mock-ups: packaging, website, and more. We use visualizations and mock-ups to deliver scenarios close to the reality your customers live in to end up with the best result ultimately.

3 – build

In the build phase, we test the concept and further refine it to work in the best way for your market and target group. We use the usability findings from the scoping phase as testing parameters for our design. We continuously involve you and your customers to ensure that we are on track in this phase.

We take the technical demands into further consideration, and we can expand the resources in the design team to meet the technical demands if needed.

We often design click-through mock-ups for websites, technical drawings for Office templates, or production drawings for events in the build phase.

4 – finalize

In the Finalize phase, we secure that we follow through with all design principles in the handover for production or direct implementation at our clients. We take responsibility for:

  • Handover of documentation and project files
  • Further dialogue with implementation partners, if needed
  • Handover of necessary graphic files
  • Support in using the design
  • Further discussion on how we can continue making the design successful for you.