While being a designer at Kontrapunkt, Unity’s Tor Slotmann was the driving force behind the design of a new brand identity for Heart – Herning Museum of Modern Art. The project included developing a name for the museum, a visual identity, and a custom typeface.

Heart is an award-winning art museum in Herning. Architectural Record lists the museum as one of the 125 most notable modern buildings, along with the Barcelona Pavilion and Utzon’s opera in Sydney.

To create something original as the identity for Heart, we felt that we could only look in one direction: At the uniqueness of the building itself. So, we used its architecture as the concept for a custom typeface and let it be the focal point of the visual identity.

In collaboration with
Bo Linnemann, creative director.
Elias Werner, type designer.
Matthias Stilling Ambus, designer.

Apart from conceptualizing Steven Holl’s architecture, the Heart typeface also took inspiration from typefaces such as Didot and Bodoni: By removing the thin lines, the visual expression of the typeface drastically changes.