Bergen Light Rail is praised as one of Europe’s most well-designed and user-friendly tram systems. The brand identity includes an orange color with high visibility in the leading role – practical in a city with only a few bright months and 239 rainy days a year.

Signage system

When working at Kontrapunkt, Tor Slotmann of Unity was responsible for implementing and developing the brand identity program for Bergen Light Rail. The project was a collaboration between Kontrapunkt and Norwegian design and architect agencies.

In collaboration with
Morten Sørensen, designer.

Image style

  One of the light rail’s most significant aspects is coherent branding. The wave pattern and the orange color play the lead role in all elements: brand identity, uniforms, trams, and stations. The user instantly recognizes the Bergen Light Rail.”

DOGA – Design og arkitektur Norge.
Graphic pattern for noise-canceling glass railings
Tram stations
Route map
Time table