Danish banknotes and coins

Unity was the leading force behind the design of the current Danish banknote series and the upgrade of the Faroese banknote series.

The technical aspect of the security features and the usability element in banknote design compare to industrial design and user interface design disciplines.

Banknote design is multidisciplinary and results from the collaboration between many fields of expertise. The Danish banknote series is no exception, and we couldn’t have made it without excellent teamwork. 

In collaboration with
Karin Birgitte Lund, artist
Martin Mörck, engraver
Mads Quistgaard, designer
Steen Ejlers, designer
Seddeltrykkeriet, Danmarks Nationalbank.

Detail, danish 1000-banknote.
Detail, danish 200-banknote.
Detail, faroese 200-banknote.

Coin design

Unity has designed the custom font and the text typesetting for the Danish coin series. The custom font is a part of Unity’s design for the Science coin series and is used on all Danish coins in circulation.

The design of the custom font pays homage to old Roman coins and the Danish graphic design tradition in the 20th century and is robust and suitable for coin production.

We adjusted each letter carefully to balance perfectly within a full circle for the typesetting along the coin’s rim. We evenly spaced the words by designing each letter a little wider at the top and drawing the base and top of the letters within a circle section.

Tor Slotmann of Unity has also designed the Science coin series. The coin series commemorates the four most important Danish scientific contributions to the history of science; Stella Nova, the Speed of Light, Electromagnetism, and the Atom Theory. 

In collaboration with
Henrik Wiberg, engraver.

Stella Nova, 1572, Tycho Brahe.
500 DKK, silver.
The Speed of Light, 1675, Ole Rømer.
500 DKK, silver.
Electromagnetism, 1820, H.C. Ørsted.
500 DKK, silver.
Atom Theory, 1913, Niels Bohr.
500 DKK, silver.

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